The entire Secret Series is based on the Secret. The Terces Society is dedicated to the protection of the secret.

History of The Secret Edit

The Secret was first discovered by an Egyptian psychologist. He got executed at Egypt, 1212 B.C, for knowing the secret. He was brought to the temple of Thoth, and got condemned by order of the pharaoh. Before he got executed he quickly wrote the secret on a piece of papyrus. The papyrus was the only way of learning the secret.

The Secret is...Edit

The Secret is: Why did the ibis cross the Nile? To get to the other side.

The Secret was finally revealed in the fifth book. Pietro later mentions that he will soon see his brother, Dr. L, on "the Other Side"

It's debatable as to whether the "Other Side" is referring to death, looking on the bright, funny side of things or what. The unclarity of it all originally frustrates Cass but she later seems to come to terms with it. It seems as though each person is supposed to have their own interpretation of the Secret.

It's totally unclear as to why the Secret would be dangerous or at all useful to the Midnight Sun. It might just be that everyone incorrectly assumed the secret to be about immortality.

Trivia and Places Mentioned Edit

  • There is The Doors' song "Break On Through (To The Other Side)". They wrote and composed it drugged - perhaps that brought them to the other side.
  • In The Simpsons' first episode of the 25th season (Homeland), the Simpsons suspect Homer has been brainwashed to be a terrorist spy. In one moment Homer says several times to Bart something terrifying - then something that makes it normal. one time he says that he'll be in the other side - of the room.