Señor Hugo is a member of the Midnight Sun. He is an evil chef who fakes being blind to gain sympathy, while, in reality, he still has one eye. He is a famous cook and the owner of the restaurant "El Castillo de la Noche" (meanig the Castle of the Night in English), in which clients have to eat in the dark so as to guess what their food is. He is very good at performing circus tricks involving juggling knives, but saysthat a good cook has only one knife. He is from Barcelona (Spain), and retains his native accent. He claims his passion is chocolate. Señor Hugo is most well-known by the readers for creating time-traveling chocolate, the same chocolate that takes Cass into her ancestral past to meet with The Jester. Hugo works alongside Ms Mauvais and Dr L.

Physical appearanceEdit

Señor Hugo is described as being "dark and swanky". He wears extremely dark sunglasses. When Cassandra first met him, he was wearing a black chef's coat, a scarf decorated with skulls on his head and a hoop of gold in his left ear. He has a goatee of black hair. Beacause of his overall appearance, Simone nicknamed him "The Pirate".