Owen is a former actor and master of disguise. He first met Cass at the Midnight Sun Spa where he was pretending to be a butler. He is a member of The Terces Society and friends with Cass and Max-Ernest.

Owen has known to always switch disguises from a New Zealand science teacher named Mr. Needleman to an Irishman, he seems to get bored with his facades and goes most extreme. Cass is sometimes  annoyed with the suprises, (because she always likes to be prepared) but likes him nonetheless. He has very bad driving habits, as well as his motorcycle skills, so it seems like he shouldn't have his license.

He also makes an appearance in the new book by Pseudonymous Bosch 'Bad Magic'.


  • Mr. Needleman, a New Zealand science teacher;
  • an Irishman;
  • a lady named Opal, who was the school secretary and fooled Max-Ernest;
  • a Cowboy from the Wild West;
  • One of the Priests of Amun, which were all in fact Terces society members.
  • a butler at the Midnight Sun.