Ms. Antoinette Mauvais has kidnapped many synesthetic children in order to help her to find the secret to immortality, thinking that the brains of synesthetic children will help her. A few of these people include Dr. L (when he was young), Lily Wei (now a member of the Terces Society who is very skilled at playing the violin), and Benjamin Blake (who was eventually rescued by Cass and Max-Ernest). The Midnight Sun chose her long ago, according to Itamar, "for your heartlessness", suggesting she wasn't very pleasant when she was young either. She is worthy of the quote "looks can deceive.' Being a beautiful woman, she is also terrible. Benjamin, a boy with synesthesia described her as "The Smoke" in the first book. In the second book, she seeks the homunculus, who is forced to reveal the location of Lord Pharaoh's grave, but it is destroyed before she can extract anything. Bad News, she is finally killed by an angry swarm of dragons. 

Physical appearance Edit

Ms. Mauvais is said to look like a Barbie doll. She has a very thin waist, pale skin color, and has perfect features. Like all members of the Midnight Sun, she wears long white gloves to cover her hands. She also told Cass in the first book that she has had plastic surgery on her ears several times. Also, in the fourth book of the secret series, she is dressed up like a queen, even though "Queen Elizabeth" (A.K.A. the principal Mrs. Johnson) is the queen, P.B. describes her as looking more like a queen. She has white-blond hair and blue eyes. P.B. also describes her as a golden lady.


Before she was a member of the Midnight Sun, Ms. Mauvais was a heartless, cruel girl. She had a pet pony, but when she joined the Midnight Sun, she had to kill the horse. She cried over the horse, but made sure nobody knew. This shows that she does have a sentimental side, but she is careful to hide it. Throughout the series, Ms. Mauvais was shown to be a total sociopath: She is cunning, ruthless, extremely resourceful and highly intelligent.  

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

She had a pony when she was young. In the third book, she describes it as "the closest thing she had to family."

The Midnight Sun Edit

Ms. Mauvais is the Midnight Sun's leader.

Dr. L Edit

Dr. L is Ms. Mauvais's Partner in crime. He was one of the synesthesic children she kidnapped.

The Terces Society Edit

Ms. Mauvais is the main enemy of the Terces Society. It was said one time in the book that in a great war, she killed hundreds of Terces Society members. She apparently is a descendant of Lord Pharaoh and has his powers over darkness.