Leira is a girl that Paul-Clay meets on Price Island during summer camp at Earth Ranch in the book Bad Magic. She is a bit of a tomboy and is very good at stealing things. She is one of Clay's first friends at Earth Ranch. She has a sister who played the part of Miranda from The Tempest. They came to camp because they were aspiring actresses and it turns out that Earth Ranch wasn't a camp for bad kids, but theatrics and magic.

Relationships Edit

Clay Edit

Clay's cabin-mates, the Worms, say that she has a crush on him, and they may be correct seeing as how she always seems to steal things from him and only him, especially his wallet. Also, after hearing that Clay thought she was nice, but irritating, she grudgingly gives him back his wallet that she stole and walks away, blushing profusely. She doesn't talk to him for awhile until she worries about him after he hits his head during his swim test and is knocked unconscious.

Mira Edit

Mira is Leira's sister who is also an actress. She seems to be a bit more girly that Leira. Leira also thinks that she is a bookworm, even though she thinks that she's nothing of the sort.