Jettica Black is a great friend of Max-Ernest and always stands up for him in front of Cass and Yo-Yoji. She can be considered as Max-Ernest' s New best friend and even kisses him on the cheek and calls him cute once. Her nickname for him is Max. She is noted for her shiny, jet black hair, considering her nickname. When Max-Ernest gets his leg scraped on hay, she puts a bandage on it. Cass always tries to eliminate her or get her away from Max-Ernest in any possible way. She debuts in Secret Unleashed. THIS ARTICLE IS NOT TRUE SOMEONE MADE IT UP BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW TO ERASE ARTICLES.I'M VERY SORRY FOR PEOPLE WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS REAL.LOOK IT UP YOURSELF!

Relationship Toward PeersEdit


Jettica remains calm near Cass and jokes about her with Max-Ernest. Her nickname for Cass is Old Nagger. She mostly blames things on Cass just for fun. According to Max-Ernest, she blames Cass for setting the school lab on fire while using chemicals, and she and Max-Ernest watch as Cass gets dumped into a pool of chemicals, which automatically explodes.


The two are the best of friends and never get torn away from each other. Max-Ernest seemingly has a crush on her, as once he is shown stuttering when talking to her. She kisses him on the cheek once when he saves her from Daisy, and she had an even more increasingly amazed reaction with him since, calling him a Handsome Hero. She returned the favor by saving him from sinking into the water, and had to give Cass a stern talking-to about the problem. She is immune from him talking for long amounts of time, as shown when Cass confronts her about it, and she says, "What are you talking about? I think he's kinda cute." She is also unknown to the fact that he is smitten over her, despite them being the same age.


They aren't really much off friends, and she teases him throughout. She seems to punch him a lot when he teases Max-Ernest, and once says that he's as tall as a stick, in which Max-Ernest laughs at.

Daniel-Not-Danielle Edit

Jettica is prone to have a crush on Daniel-Not-Danielle, though she never tells this to anyone: Only Max-Ernest. She may think Glob is a big stack of foosball grime on a platter of no-good rotten vegetables that barfed boogers, but Daniel-Not-Danielle is more of a friend to her than everyone else, Max-Ernest excluded. In fact, she tells Max-Ernest about most of her problems, prompting him to fix them.

Personality Edit

Jettica Black is a cool, down-to-earth, mellow, fun-loving and somewhat crazy girl. She is revealed to be the same age as Max-Ernest and the others, and has a very heartfelt relationship for Max-Ernest. Max-Ernest is entirely smitten over her, and they both have very strong feelings for each other. While Cass and Yo-Yoji tease him, she calls him the coolest "nerd" she's ever seen, and leaves it at that. The two almost come to kissing mouths, which Max-Ernest immediately snaps out of. They are also mostly seen interlocking pinkies. Jettica is about as smart as Max-Ernest is, and considers him one of the best living things (this may be an over-exaggeration, much to Cass's chagrin) she's ever seen. They're almost always seen together.

Trivia Edit

  • Jettica Black seems to be almost entirely similar to Max-Ernest, because she has the same color scheme. She may even be his feminine counterpart.
  • Jettica Black mentions that the first boy at the heroes' school she's ever seen was a big stack of foosball grime on a platter of no-good rotten vegetables that barfed boogers. This may be a reference to Glob.