Benjamin Blake is a boy that goes to Cass and Max-Ernest's school. In the first novel, "The Name of This Book is Secret", he wins a prize for his uniquely painted art. His art is this way as he has synesthesia, or the confusion of the senses, and could paint his art differently to most people. Halfway through the first book, he was kidnapped by Dr. L and Ms. Mauvais, as they thought they could suck his brain out of his head, which would help them find out information about the Secret, which they had waited hundreds of years to discover. Cass had seen Dr. L and Ms. Mauvais speaking to Ms. Johnson, the principal of their school, asking if they could pick up their child early and she happily accepted, saying they could. However, later Cass realizes when she sees the pair get into a limousine with a strangely familiar boy, realizes that they have kidnapped Benjamin. She turns up to the Midnight Sun Spa and whenever she has the chance, attemps at trying to rescue Benjamin, although she never succeeds completely. Later, Benjamin reappears in "This Isn't What It Looks Like", and goes through an immense change in character as he attended a private school run by The Midnight Sun.

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