Anastasia is the wife of Hermes, the Jester. She is also one of the ancestors of the book's main protagonist, Cassandra.

Physical ApperanceEdit

Anastasia was described as having long dark hair, and being very beautiful.

Before Cass and The JesterEdit

Anastasia is a thief, well-known in her time. Cass once commented that she reminds her of Robin Hood, because she stole from the rich and gave most of it to the poor. But of course she kept a good amount of it herself. The members of her "gang" were often thrown in the dungeon, but Anastasia was quick to get them out.

Relationship with the JesterEdit

Anastasia met the Jester when she went to rescue her followers from the dungeon. The Jester was also there with Cass (who was invisible) and the two escaped with them. Anastasia soon found out about Cass and was surprisingly nice to her, quite unlike her rude attitude towards the Jester. It is later revealed, however, that she marries the Jester and together they recover the Secret.


After the Jester and Anastasia recover the Secret, Lord Pharoah finds them and has them executed. However, they hid a papyrus that had a clue to the Secret on it and put it in a chest filled with Anastasia's entire fortune. They left it for Cass. Little else is known about Anastasia.